We defend you in both, criminal and administrative offence proceedings. Due to the strict public law and business law orientation of our law firm, we concentrate our criminal defense law practice exclusively on the areas listed below.

In addition, we also represent victims of criminal offences and support them as witness counsel, represent them as joint plaintiffs or become active in adhesion proceedings for the assertion of claims for damages/pain money.

One of the focal points of our criminal law activities is in particular the defense of police officersand other officials(such as student councils, mayors, etc.) in investigations directed against them. This often involves the defense against the suspicion of so-called criminal offences in office according to §§ 331 ff. of the German Criminal Code (StGB). Due to our expertise in administrative law, we can also assist you in any disciplinary proceedings in this context.

Furthermore, environmental criminal lawis a broad area of our criminal law practice. This includes, for example, water, air and soil pollution in accordance with §§ 324-325 StGB, the unauthorized handling of hazardous waste in accordance with § 326 StGB or the unauthorized operation of facilities in accordance with § 327 StGB. In this field we represent individuals, managing directors or persons in charge of small and large companies or also act as legal assistants within the scope of hearings according to No. 90 RiStBV. Such criminal proceedings are often accompanied by administrative proceedings or the criminal charges result from administrative proceedings already in progress. Thanks to our expertise in the field of administrative law, we can also advise and represent you in this respect on an interdisciplinary basis.

Furthermore, we will defend you in the area of medical criminal law. This often involves serious professional consequences (e.g. withdrawal of license to practise medicine). The broad field of medical criminal law includes, for example, the accusation of bodily injury due to possible treatment errors, the accusation of breach of trust, corruption in health care or the accusation of accounting fraud, etc. Furthermore, we often legitimize ourselves as witness counsel for hospital staff.

In addition, we also defend the accused in the area of white-collar crimes. This includes corruption offences (e.g. bribery, acceptance/granting of an advantage), property offences (e.g. fraud, embezzlement), criminal labor law (e.g. violations of the Minimum Wage Act), etc. 

We are also defending you in the field of traffic criminal law. This includes in particular drunk driving, endangerment of road traffic, coercion, driving without a driving license or unauthorized removal from the scene of an accident. A legal representation within the framework of the execution of sentences with regard to a withdrawal of the driving license is also elementary.

With regard to administrative offences law, we defend you in almost all areas. In particular, this includes fine proceedings due to speeding offences, red light offences or failure to observe the safety distance and the associated driving bans.

In the field of criminal law and administrative offences law , it is very important that you contact us as early as the preliminary investigation stage, i.e. as soon as you receive a first letter from the police or the public prosecutor’s office, respective the official hearing form. Even at this early stage, elementary steps can be taken.

Our specialists for Criminal law are