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Sebastian Knell



  • Studies of law at the University of Heidelberg and the University of Frankfurt a.M. Also at Mt. San Antonio College, Los Angeles County, USA (with a focus on International Business Law)
  • Internships at law firms in Germany and the USA (Chicago, IL.) during law school
  • Funding through a scholarship from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes and a scholarship from the University of Frankfurt (Deutschlandstipendium) during law school
  • First State Examination in Law with distinction, 2016
  • Conferment of the academic degree Diplom-Jurist (Dipl.-Jur.) by the University of Frankfurt a.M., 2016
  • Research assistant in the Employment & Pensions and the Banking & Capital Markets team of a leading international law firm in Frankfurt a.M.
  • Doctoral candidate at the University of Mainz with an ongoing doctoral thesis in police and regulatory law
  • Dissertation-related research stay in London, England, with research at the St. Mary’s University Twickenham
  • Legal clerkship at the District Court of Darmstadt with stations, among others, at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Darmstadt, the law firm RechtsAnwälte&Notare Berghäuser and colleagues PartGmbB and again at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Darmstadt (department for capital offences)
  • Second State Examination in Law with distinction, 2019
  • Admitted to the bar in 2019
  • Joined the law firm RechtsAnwälte&Notare Berghäuser Albach Wieland Landzettel Berg Schiweck PartGmbB in 2019
Main focus:

Administrative law:

A major focus of my legal work is administrative law. My spectrum includes civil service law. I represent my clients in so-called status matters (competitor disputes), secondments, transfers, redeployments, dismissals and official assessments. Furthermore, I represent my clients in industrial accidents and disciplinary proceedings.

Police and regulatory law is another focal point. This concerns all areas of danger prevention by the police and the danger prevention authorities.

The spectrum of my legal activities in administrative law also includes public building law. In this area I represent my clients in matters of building planning and building regulations. In particular, I represent my clients in disputes with the building supervisory authority in case their application for a preliminary building permit or a building permission is rejected. In addition, I often represent owners of a neighbouring property whose rights are affected by building projects.

Furthermore, I represent my clients in the areas of commercial administrative law. This includes in particular industrial law.

Moreover, I support my clients in other administrative law matters, such as lawsuits concerning day-care centres, university permission and school law.

I represent both, individuals and public authorities.

Criminal law:

Another main focus of my legal work is criminal law. Already during my studies and my legal clerkship I focused on this area.

In particular, I defend police officersand other officials (such as student councils, mayors, etc.) in investigations directed against them.

Furthermore, I also represent victims of criminal offences and support them as a witness counsel, as counsel for joint plaintiffs or in adhesion proceedings for the assertion of claims for damages/pain money.

As a criminal defence lawyer, I also defend the accused in allegations in the areas of white-collar crimes, environmental criminal law,medical criminal law, as well as traffic criminal law. I also coordinate cross-border matters for you with my colleagues on site.

In the field of regulatory offences law, I defend you in almost all areas.


We have expressly excluded the defence of capital offences (murder or manslaughter) and sexual offences.

Labour law:

Another focus of my work is individual and collective labour law. In this respect I advise and represent my clients on all national and international issues arising in labour law.

These include, for instance, protection against dismissal, transfers of undertakings, participation and co-determination rights of the works council, the review and drafting of employment contracts, the assertion of claims or demands arising from the employment relationship, etc.

We represent employers, employees and works councils.

Areas of Law:

Foreign languages:

  • English
  • French


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My areas of law are