The lawyers

Our professional focus is on civil, commercial, corporate and administrative law. The structure of our office, which was founded in 1925 and enjoys an excellent reputation beyond southern Hesse, allows us to specialise in a wide range of areas.  Most of our lawyers are certified specialists, covering various fields of law, such as labour law, construction and architectural law, inheritance law, family law, intellectual property law, commercial and corporate law, tenancy and residential property law, tax law, insurance law and administrative law. One of our partners also acts as a mediator. Furthermore, there are numerous other individual fields of work, as well as scientific publications and lectures.

In addition to representation in court, advisory activities are playing an increasingly important role. Precise and competent advice prior to important business decisions helps to increase the planning security of our clients and to avoid costly disputes. If a mandate so requires, we cooperate on an interdisciplinary basis. This enables us to solve complex and multifaceted tasks efficiently at any time. We are happy to advise each client personally and individually. We do not see ourselves as an anonymous “law factory”. Personal contact with our clients and a trusting business relationship are very important to us.

Our office was established under the legal form of a partnership company with limited professional liability (Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB).

The Notaries

Important elements of our professional profile are reflected in the notary’s office. Our notaries, supported by qualified notary clerks, are dealing to a considerable extent with company law. This includes, in particular, the formation of corporations, company agreements and inclusions, capital increases and reductions, mergers, divisions , asset transfers and changes of legal forms. Our notaries also attend shareholders’ meetings and take minutes of general meetings.

In addition, the notaries are involved in real estate law to a considerable extent, such as the notarization of property purchase and developer contracts. This also includes transfer agreements, especially in families, and various other agreements in connection with real estate.

A third important focus of our notary’s office is family law and inheritance law. In this area, we draft and notarize wills and inheritance contracts, as well as marriage contracts and divorce and separation agreements.

Urban development contracts are becoming increasingly important in the field of public law.


Over twenty qualified employees ensure a smooth and efficient course of our office routine. We attach great importance to care, reliability and speed – even in times of greatest stress. In order to meet these demands also in the future, we continuously train specialised personnel.We also consider this a social obligation.


Our clients not only include globally active companies, banks and insurance companies, but also well-known medium-sized companies from trade, service and craft sectors, freelancers, foundations, associations, municipalities and other public corporations. Private clients also make frequent use of our services. Numerous client relationships have existed for decades. We regard this both as appreciation for the past and challenge for the future.


The origins of our office date back to 1925: Dr. Hermann Neuschäffer, who later had a far-reaching influence on the firm, was admitted to the bar in Darmstadt and joined his father’s firm. He focused the activities of the firm on commercial, corporate and tax law and became one of the first German specialist lawyers for tax law in 1931. In 1957 the law firm of Dr. Neuschäffer merged with the office of Dr. von Brentano, Löhlein, Dr. Dobring, which was also predominantly focused on commercial law. Dr. Heinrich von Brentano, Foreign Minister in the Adenauer Cabinet from 1955 to 1961, founded this office in 1932.

Since the beginning of the 1970s, the firm has continuously expanded by admitting young colleagues. This will continue to happen in the future. A mixed age structure and additional specialisations are intended to preserve and further develop the firm’s established traditions. One of these is the involvement in professional organizations, in particular in the Frankfurt/Main Bar Association, for which Dr. Neuschäffer served as President for a long time. Since 1949, one member of our firm has always been part of the board of the Frankfurt/Main Bar Association. The office’s partners are also active in many different ways in associations, organizations and societies.

At the beginning of 2014, our partnership constituted under civil law was converted into a partnership with limited professional liability (Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB).